Le Viuex Cafe

Getting there - By air

The nearest airports are la Rochelle and Angouleme, both just over an hour's drive from the cottage.

Arrival airport Distance
from cottage

to cottage

82.9 km
1 hr, 10 mins
75.9 km
1 hr, 20 mins
125 km
1 hr, 25 mins
176 km
1 hr, 45 mins
153 km
2 hrs, 30 mins

Distance and time to cottage have been estimated by Google Earth.

If you are planning to rent a car, we recommend that you make a reservation prior to your arrival at the airport.

Getting there - By ferry and car

The ports of St Malo, Caen and le Havre are all about 4-5 hours away. Cherbourg can be reached in under 6 hours. The Eurotunnel from Calais is approximately 7 hours

Once you’ve arrived in France, the toll roads are your best bet. Come off at J34 on the A10 and the cottage is only a 10 minute drive from here. Make sure you have Euros with you to pay the toll.

Arrival terminal Distance
from cottage

to cottage

402 km
4 hrs, 10 mins
480 km
4 hrs, 30 mins
Le Havre
557 km
5 hrs
587 km
5 hrs, 30 mins
538 km
5 hrs, 40 mins
598 km
5 hrs, 45 mins
741 km
6 hrs, 50 mins
748 km
7 hrs
757 km
7 hrs, 10 mins

Please check all operators as there may be others not included here. Distance and time to cottage have been estimated by Google Earth.


Getting there - By train

Access to the cottage is possible by train, but you will need a car to get out and about.
Take the Eurostar to Paris, then the TGV to Niort and finally the train to St Jean d'Angely.

The Eurostar from London to Paris takes 2 hrs, 15 minutes
The TGV from Paris to Niort takes 2 hrs, 15 minutes

Alternatively, you could hire a car from Niort, which is only 40 minutes from the cottage.


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